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Your membership fee allows us to plan ahead! We know how many members we have to serve, purchase supplies and insulated shopping bags to keep your food fresh when we deliver to your pick up location.


Join Maryland Harvest on-line farm market!

  • 2019 Membership Fee – $27.50


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Marketplace FAQs

What is does the Membership Fee cover?

By joining Maryland Harvest online farm market you will receive a weekly email enabling you to participate in the online market, we purchase insulated shopping bags to deliver your produce to your pre-arranged weekly pick-up location.

In addition, you will be able to join on-farm events like tomato canning, pickling, cleanups, educational tours… Finally, you will be signaling your support for local, sustainable Maryland farms.

Please note, we limit the number of memberships to better ensure that all of our members can get the farm products they want.