Directions to the Farm

We are located on the same property as Our House Inc. and the Farm at Our House. Your Chef’s Table Farm is located on the southern portion of the property. Please note that our mailing address and the farm address are different: the farm is located at 19715 Zion Road.

When turning off of Zion Road and onto the main driveway by the Our House sign and green mailbox, look for the first visible gravel and dirt roads. They’ll be visible immediately after you pass by a large pasture (on which you might see chickens, depending on the time of year!) To the left is The Farm at Our House. To the right, you’ll see some piles of mulch and leaves, and a gravel road. Take this righthand gravel road.

After turning, please park along the side of the road. Either side is fine. In the warmer months, our barn is not immediately visible because of the brush. Don’t worry, it’s just around the corner! It’s the green and white structure with the friendly farmers out in front.


Map Key:

  • red – chicken pasture
  • yellow – main road
  • green – the barn! This is the On-Farm Market location
  • blue – parking