In addition to our meal kits and chicken and eggs, we have over forty different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs available seasonally. Farm raised fruits include melons and ground cherries; our other fruit offerings are sourced from local farms.

Product Availability:

Crop Spring Summer Fall Winter
Artichoke   X    
Arugula X X X X
Asparagus X      
Baby Greens X X X X
Basil   X    
Beans   X X  
Beets X X X X
Bok Choi       X
Broccoli X   X  
Broccoli Raab X   X  
Brussels Sprouts   X X
Cabbage X   X X
Cantaloupe   X    
Carrot X X X X
Cauliflower X   X  
Celeriac     X X
Celery     X  
Cilantro X   X  
Collards X   X  
Cucumber   X    
Eggplant   X    
Fennel X   X  
Garlic   X X X
Ground Cherry X    
Kale X   X X
Kohlrabi X   X X
Leeks X X X X
Lettuce, head X   X X
Malabar Spinach X    
Mustard X   X X
Okra   X    
Onion, bunching X   X X
Onion, bulbing X X  
Parsley X X X X
Parsnip     X X
Peas X      
Pepper, hot   X    
Pepper, sweet X    
Potato   X X  
Radish X   X X
Rutabaga     X X
Shallots   X X  
Spinach X   X X
Squash, winter   X X
Squash, summer X X  
Sweet Potato X X  
Swiss Chard X X X X
Tomato   X    
Tomatillo   X    
Watermelon X    

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